Calibration Guide – LaserLiner, Lufkin, AGATEC GAT120 A410S & Hauda SP60 Rotating laser levels

February 8, 2020
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Lufkin Laserliner AGATEC Hauda SP60 rotting laser level

Calibration Guide for Laserliner, Lufkin, AGATEC GAT120 A410S & Generic Hauda SP60 Rotating laser levels

The following calibration instructions I have used on the Laserliner and identical Lufkin electronic levelling rotating laser as well as the generic factory Hauda SP60 model.  I have not personally tried this method on the AGATEC models but I believe it should work.  If anyone has used this method on the AGATEC please comment at the bottom of this post.  Also, I do not know the model numbers for the Laserliner and Lufkin so again please comment if you know.

lufkin laserliner agatec

These lasers first started to appear about 15 years or so ago.  They provided an electronic self-levelling rotating laser at an affordable price compared to other offerings at the time.  Technically, to cut the cost compared to others its internal construction was not as robust.  A regular issue was that the levelling motors and worm drive was mounted directly on the plastic lower casing.  This plastic was quite flexible and sometimes caused the worm drive to disengage.  Particularly when placed onto a domed tripod and over tightened.  The result was the laser would fail to level with the motor continually spinning but not moving anything.  On later models, particularly the generic SP60, a metal base plate was fitted on the outside to make the unit more rigid.

The Laserliner, Lufkin and SP60 all came out of the same factory in China run by the Hauda company.  The AGATEC I’m not sure if this was out of the same factory or if the others were copies of it.  Maybe someone can enlighten me on this in the comment section below.

Calibration Procedure Lufkin, Laserliner AGATEC

All the keypresses noted below are performed on the laser itself.

To enter calibration Mode press and hold the Power button whist short pressing the Auto/Manual button.  Keep holding the Power button until the light above it flashes quickly.

Lufkin Laserliner AGATEC SP60 control panel calibration

The fast flashing LED above the power button indicates that the laser is in calibration mode with the X-axis ready to adjust.  To switch to the Y-axis you press the clockwise rotation button.  When in Y-Axis calibration the “Tilt” LED will flash quickly.

Laserliner calibration

Note that with these models the laser head does not rotate when in calibration mode.  There may be a way of activating it but I have not been able to find it.  Depending on your situation you can check laser height with the static dot on each axis or you can spin the head manually.

The height of the laser for the selected axis is changed with the Up and Down or “+” or “-” buttons on the laser see images above.  Once you have the correct height you can save the new calibration values with the counter-clockwise rotation button.  Personally, I prefer to calibrate one axis at a time and saving each axis individually.

Caution calibrating your laser level

As always the instructions on this site are a guide only and should only be followed by someone confident that they know what they are doing.  The Laser Level Review takes no responsibility for any work that you carry out on your or other people’s equipment.

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