Calibration – Hilti PR25

Dec 2, 2015
Calibration Guide
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Calibration Procedure for the Hilti PR25

To calibrate the Hilti PR25 you will also need the receiver that came with the level, usually the PRA 25.

The receiver needs to be located exactly level to what the calibration should be for the laser.  For the purpose of this guide, we will assume you know the principles of checking the calibration and so know where the calibration height should be.  A separate guide will describe methods for checking calibration.

Calibration Method

So the laser is set up with the axis you require to calibrate facing the receiver and the receiver set at the optimum height.  To enter calibration mode on the PR25 Laser’s control panel Press and HOLD both the “X+” and “X-” buttons.  Then while still pressing these two buttons press the Power Button, keep pressing the “X+” and “X-” buttons for 1 to 2 seconds.

Next press in sequence the following buttons “X-“, then “Y+”, then “Shock Warning Button” (top left has a picture of laser level with line through it), then “Power”, then “Y-“Hilti pr25 control buttonsThe light under the “Shock Warning Button” should be lit and you are now in calibration mode.  If the light is not on then power off and start the process again.  It’s probably the longest, most complicated button sequence on any laser level so it may take a few goes.

At this point, the laser should light up and the beam rotates.  however, it is a known issue on this model that it does not always do this.  So a trick is to press the “Change Rotation Speed” Button (arrows going around in a circle) on the RECEIVER which will need to be powered up at this point.  The laser should now be spinning.

Changing Axis

Next using the receiver which is located at the correct height for calibration press either the “X” or “Y” button on the receiver.  The one you press should correspond with the axis facing the receiver.  The “X” or “Y” indicator should show on the receiver.

To adjust the height of the laser press either the “Left Arrow” or “Right Arrow” buttons on the receiver.  Press the button repeatedly to shift the height of the laser beam.  You may have to change to the other arrow button if it is heading in the wrong direction.  Hint do not press the button too quickly as this can confuse the process.  Once the laser is at the level point on the receiver, the correct height, you need to save this calibration height into the laser level.  This is done by pressing the “Power” button on the LASER LEVEL.

Power the laser up and check that this new height has been saved.  You can then repeat the calibration of for the other axis if required.

If anyone has any further hints or observation please comment below.

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  • but for the z axis?

    luca April 1, 2018 3:05 am Reply
    • That is a very good question. I have never needed to adjust the Z axis on this model. It may well be the case that as long as the X and Y are good then the Z is automatically good (assuming no significant physical drop damage). For anyone not knowing what we mean by the Z axis, it refers to a laser that also provides vertical alignment. In the case of the PR25 when operating on its side for vertical rotation. If anyone can add anything about the Z axis and the Hilti PR25 please feel free to comment.

      admin April 4, 2018 8:23 am Reply
  • Mark numbers from 1 to 5 in front of those buttons with erasable ink and then just follow the numbers it is easier than to remember the sequence.

    Rishi February 22, 2019 10:54 am Reply
    • Nice trick. Thanks.

      admin February 22, 2019 2:30 pm Reply

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