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Buy Replacement Laser Level Spare Parts – Batteries & Chargers etc

Here you will find some leads on buying Laser Level spare parts such as; Batteries & Chargers plus some other parts such as receiver staff clamps/brackets.

With batteries & chargers, it is extremely important that you install the correct ones with the same ratings.  Sometimes you can use fairly generic batteries and chargers and sometimes you will need to source the official replacement.  Here I will try and direct you to the correct ones for your laser, however, it’s up to you to make sure that you purchase the correct ones.  Check with the manufacturer or distributor of your laser.

I will continue to add to this list with more brands and models in the near future.

Fukuda – which includes some models from Linestorm, Ridgeyard, PLS, BMI, IMEX, Nedo, Tuf, Powerline, General, Lasertec, Hueper, Iglobalbuy, CPI, Beeline and more


CST Berger – also some Futtura models

Leica Rugby

Spectra Precision


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