Fukuda Spares

July 25, 2019
Fukuda Spares
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Spare Parts for Fukuda Manufactured lasers

This includes many laser brands world wide some are listed with model numbers below.

Spare Parts for Fukuda manufactured lasers.  Below are some images to help.

Fukuda Manufactured Lasers different brands Fukuda Spare Parts

Fukuda – FRE203 FRE301 FRE207 FRE208 FRE2010

PLS – HVR505 HVR505G

IMEX – 66R 66G 77R 77G 88R 88G 99DG

Linestorm – SRL105 SRL106 DRL405

Ridgeyard – red and green rotating lasers


Powerline / General / Lasertech – A1 A3 A3G A4 A6 HV2R HV2G HV3R HV3G (check appearance/specifications  – models & batteries changed but numbering did not on these particular brands)


Iglobalbuy – 500m

CPI – CPI400R CPI400G CPI505R CPI505G  CPI600R CPI600G CPI700R CPI700G

Huepar – RL200HR RL200HG RL200HVR RL200HVG

BeeLine – Kube2 Kube3

Nedo – Sirius Range



Amazon USA

Amazon Canada

Amazon UK

Amazon Australia


Compatible Replacement Receivers

Note; you need a red laser receiver for red lasers and green for green. check the description. Also Rotating Laser receivers are different to Line receivers so again make sure you pick the appropriate one.

Amazon USA

Amazon Canada

Amazon UK


Staff Clamp / Rod Bracket – For attaching Receiver / Detector to staff / Rod (should be compatible, compare to the bracket you have at present)

Note; Some brands used a different receiver and so bracket i.e Nedo is different to the brackets shown below.

Amazon USA

Amazon Canada

Amazon UK



There are two slightly different versions of essentially the same battery used in all these models.  You can tell which one you have by looking at how it attaches to the bottom of the laser.  The first type you remove the battery by rotating a central nut.  The second type looks pretty much the same but instead of one central nut it is attached by four screws.

Fukuda Battery central locking nut type

Type 1 with one central locking nut

Fukuda Battery type 2 with 4 screws attaching to laser

Type 2 with 4 screws

I haven’t found any sales links as yet but will post when I find some.

NOTE on maintenance; If the laser gets wet make sure to pack away dry, ideally remove the battery pack as well.   I’ve seen a number of these batteries where the thin metal strips that connect the cells to each other are rusted out.  The battery compartment is not very well weather sealed on these models.



In the spirit of full disclosure if you click through on any of these links and make a purchase I may receive a small commission.

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