Calibration – Stanley Fatmax RL350 & RL250 GR, also CST/Berger AL500 & LM800 series

June 5, 2019
Calibration Guide
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Calibration Guide for the Stanley Fatmax RL350 & RL250 GR, also some CST/Berger AL500 & LM800 series Lasers

Instructions for calibration of the Stanley RL350, RL250 GR and some CST/Berger Models.  So again I will assume you have checked your laser and now know which axis, “X” or “Y” or both need calibrating.  The top housing of the laser indicates the “X” and “Y” direction, see image below.

Stanley RL350 RL250 GR and CST/Berger AL500 LM800 axis direction for calibration

These two Stanley models can be electronically calibrated directly from the laser’s control panel.

Stanley RL350 Control panel for calibration

To enter calibration mode the laser must be in the powered off state.  Press the “Level” button (spirit vial button) and while still holding the “level” button also press the “Power” (middle button), then let go of both buttons.  After a couple of seconds, the “Level” Light and “ADS/Tilt” light will flash indicating you are into calibration mode.  If these lights are not flashing, then you are not in calibration mode and will need to re-start the process again.

Use the “Level” and “ADS/Tilt” buttons to calibrate the “X” axis, the position you calibrate to will automatically be saved.  Power off to check your new calibrated level.  To calibrate the “Y” Axis enter calibration in the same manner as described at the start.  Then use the “Scan left” and “scan right” (up and down) buttons on the left side of the control panel.  Again the new calibrated level is automatically saved.  Power off and save.

As always the Laser Level Review does not take any responsibility for your actions whilst using our guide. If you are at all unsure do not attempt to re-calibrate your laser and send it to a laser level service centre.

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There is a little confusion with Stanley’s model numbering so if you have a Fatmax rotating laser with a digital grade, check out the guide HERE

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