Calibration Guide – Topcon RL-VH3D indoor rotating laser level

March 8, 2021
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Calibration Guide Topcon RL-HV3D

Calibration guide for the Topcon RL-VH3D indoor rotating laser level

The following is a guide to calibration for the Topcon RL-VH3D rotating laser level.

The Topcon RL-VH3D rotating laser goes back more than a decade now, but there are plenty still in use to this day.  The RL-VH3D was of the same era as the legendary RL-H3C and was built in Japan using steel and cast metal components.  Looking for a calibration guide for the RL-H3C then click HERE

This model was designed as an internal fit-out rotating laser so by default was not sold with a laser receiver for outdoor use.  The laser output was class 3 and the beam somewhat narrower than the 3C making it more suitable for visible indoor work.  The 3D also included a very sturdy wall mount bracket ideal for ceiling installation and framing work.  The 3D also featured both Vertical and Horizontal functions.  These days you are more likely to use a line laser for these sorts of applications but back then there were not many quality line lasers available.


The RL-VH3D was replaced by the RL-VH4 which was a very similar laser with the addition of a removable housing over the rotating head and often sold with remote control and laser receiver making it more flexible for indoors and outdoors.  The VH4 most probably calibrates in the same manner but I have not tested this recently so cannot confirm.  Hopefully, I can confirm this in the near future, or perhaps someone can confirm here in the comments.

Claibration Guide Topcon RL-VH3D

The example I saw recently had an original sticker below the control panel with instructions for calibration and a guide on the direction of the X and Y axis.  This sticker may not have always been fitted and may well be missing on many examples now.

Before we start, as always, the Laser Level Review accepts no responsibility for any work that you may do on your laser using these instructions.  These are meant as a guide only and if you are unsure in any way please do not attempt calibration yourself and seek out a laser level calibration expert.  This guide also assumes that you know how to check your laser for calibration.  Also, that you know what height each axis needs to be to make the calibration.

The procedure

The first thing we need to know is which way these two axis run with this laser level.  The image below will hopefully help but when looking at the control panel the X-axis runs left to right and the Y-axis runs front to back.

Topcon RL-HV3D axis alignment

Next is how to enter calibration mode.  This is achieved with the Topcon RL-VH3D by pressing and holding the right grey button with the rotation symbol.  Then whilst still holding this button short pressing the power button.  The laser should now be in calibration mode.

topcon calibration

The X-Axis is the default selection.  You can either continue to adjust the X-Axis or if this does not need to be changed move onto the Y-Axis.  To change to the Y-Axis press the “X/Y” red button on the left panel.

topcon calibration

The LED light will indicate if you are on the X or Y-axis.  To adjust the height of the selected axis use the red left and right arrow buttons.  A hint is that the longer you press either of the buttons the further the height will shift.  I find if you need to move the height by a lot press and hold for 2 or 3 seconds.  Once you are close just press and hold for one second (short press).

Saving Calibration

Once the laser height is correct press the grey rotation button on the right panel once again.  The laser should then save this new calibration and power down.   As always double-check your results and repeat if needed.  If the laser fails to shut down after pressing the save button then the laser is outside its electronic calibration range and will need expert attention.

I hope this has been of help.  If you have any personal experience with this model or the RL-VH4 please leave a comment below.  If this guide has been useful please consider a small donation.


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