Using Laser Levels in High Winds

November 2, 2015
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Using laser levels in high winds

Laser Levels in High Winds

There are two things to consider when using laser levels in high winds.  Firstly there is a risk of the wind blowing over the laser on its tripod and causing damage to it.  Secondly, the wind blowing through a tripod can cause vibrations that can affect the operation of a laser level.

The easiest way to keeping your laser level safe is to spread the tripod legs as far apart as possible keeping a stable base close to the ground.  This helps prevent the laser from getting blow over and also helps to reduce vibrations being transmitted to the laser level.

Vibrations caused by the wind can cause a number of problems with lasers.  Firstly, if its a pendulum based self-levelling laser then you may get a swaying effect.  This will mean you will get a laser height moving up and down, it may not be enough to throw out your levels, but it will slow down the whole process.  Secondly, if its an electronic self-levelling laser the laser will regularly stop rotating, re-level, then continue going again.  This again will slow down your job.  Some lasers have a Wind and Vibration Setting that will allow the laser to continue rotating when making small adjustments.

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