New Digital Grade Match Laser by RedBack Lasers

November 13, 2015
Geo Fennel
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New Digital Grade Match Tracking Laser Level

RedBack Lasers of Australia have released a new digital grade match laser with tracking to receiver feature, the DGL1010GM.  Not only does it feature a digital dual grade set as a percentage to three decimal places from an RF remote control.  But, it also comes with a millimetre display receiver with grade match tracking capability.  Basically set the laser up with one axis facing the direction of the grade, then set up the receiver along that axis at the height you want to grade to.  Then after pressing buttons on the RF mm receiver the laser automatically slopes to find the receiver and locks onto it.  The display on the laser even displays this grade as a percentage.

The RedBack comes with Li-ion rechargeable battery and charger plus can operate on standard “D” cell batteries if required.  Another standard accessory supplied is an axis alignment scope.  This is essential for highly accurate grade setting.  There is no point having 3 decimal place accuracy if you’re not exactly aligning the axis in the right direction.  Another useful included accessory is a fine alignment plate this together with the axis scope makes the job so much quicker.

One more feature to note is that this laser level can also operate on its side for vertical rotation.  In this mode, the tracking feature can be used for fence alignment and site squaring applications.

For more details click the link below.

DGL1010GM digital grade match

If you are located in Europe then don’t despair a very similar laser level is provided by Geo Fennel the FL 510HV Tracking.


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