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September 22, 2021
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Lomvum farway digital angle finder inclinometer review

Review of the Lomvum, Farway Digital Angle Finder Inclinometer with laser level

This is a review of the Lomvum, Farway (plus other names), Digital Angle Finder Inclinometer with laser level function.

Digital angle finder inclinometer package with lasers

The inclinometer, angle finder comes complete with a USB charging cable for the internal rechargeable battery. Metal wall mounting plate, sticky pad for mounting plate to a wall, and instructions.

First impressions of this relatively inexpensive device are of a well-manufactured tool with a large clear LCD display and easy-to-access buttons.  The housing is a mixture of cast metal and quality plastics.  On either side of the level is a laser output.  When first looking at this unit on the internet I had assumed that the lasers would be dots.  In fact, they are lines angled to the back of the device so when placed on a wall produce a visible laser line.  This I’ll cover in a little more detail later.

digital level with lasers inclinometer wall mounted

Features of the Digital Angle Finder Inclinometer

Powering up involves a quick press of the left hand on/off/laser button.  The first press powers on the device and the display will start to indicate the levelness of the surface it is sitting on in degrees.  Note if it is sitting on its back an “Err” error message is shown.  Pressing the power button once again with power up one of the lasers, another press powers up the opposite laser only.  A third press activates both lasers simultaneously.  To power off the device press and hold the power button for about two seconds and it powers down.

Lomvum farway controls angle finder

Middle Button REF/CAL

The middle button activates reference mode this where the inclinometer sets the 0.00 degrees point to whatever angle the device was on when the button was pressed.  This is handy if you want to consistently measure something to the same angle.  It’s easier if you are looking for 0.00 degrees rather than read some obscure number line 12.45 degrees and get each measurement to the same point.  Powering off the angle finder will restore the device to display the actual angle with 0.00.

This button has a second function which is calibration.  Self-calibration is extremely easy, to enter calibration mode press and hold the middle button for approximately 2 seconds (whilst the device is powered up).  The display will show a “1”, place the inclinometer on a flat surface (it does not need to be perfectly level), and quick press the middle button.  The display will now indicate “2”, now rotate the angle finder on its base so you are now looking at the back of the device.  Press the middle button again, it’s important to have the inclinometer located exactly on the same spot of the same surface.  The device will then be in normal angle measuring mode.

Lomvum Farway digital angle calibration

Test the accuracy, in the same way, you would check a builder’s spirit level, by placing it on a surface reading the angle, and rotating the unit on its base 180 degrees.  The angle displayed should be the same or very similar (angle finders tolerance is 0.2 of a degree), assuming the unit is placed in exactly the same place on the surface.  If it’s not within that 0.2 degrees then repeat the calibration process.  I’ve found that you may need to self-calibrate the angle finder the first time you use it in a day.

Right Button HOLD/UNITS

The third, right-hand button has two functions also.  A quick press will hold or freeze the measured angle on the device.  This is handy if wanting to measure the angle of something above your head height or out of sight.  Simply hold the inclinometer on the surface and press this third “HOLD” button.  Now you can bring the device into view and the measurement has been held.  To clear the hold quick press this same button again.

The second function of this button is to toggle between measurements being displayed either as degrees or percentage slope.  To switch units, press and hold the third “units” button for 2 seconds, each one of these long presses toggles between the two units of measure.

Digital level inclinometer degrees and percentage digital inclinometer with percentage review

Mounting the Digital Angle Finder on surfaces or walls

The Lomvum, Farway digital angle finder has a magnetic base.  This is handy when doing steel work like steel shelves or pallet racking.  Simply place the unit on the metal surface and it stays in position allowing you to adjust the shelf until its level, or a specific angle you want it to be at.

The back of the angle finder is also magnetic and can be used on metal vertical surfaces or with the square metal plate supplied.  When wanting to place the inclinometer on a non-magnetic vertical surface like a plaster wall or wooden stud you use the metal plate.  You can either hand the plate on a nail/screw or on a painted surface use the sticky pad.  At first, I was not sure about this sticky pad, but, it works remarkably well.  Simply stick one side to the plate and the other to the wall.  It holds extremely well.  As long as you keep the sides away from dust should keep on holding its stickiness for many uses.  I also found that it didn’t peel off the paint on the wall I tried it on.

wall mount magnetic inclinometer

Using as a laser level

The Lomvum, Farway digital angle finder as previously mentioned has two laser lines one from each side of the device.  When placed on a wall with the help of the wall mounting plate and sticky pad this makes the device a rudimentary laser level.  Great for small internal jobs like shelf leveling or picture frames etc.

One thing I found though, is that it is extremely difficult to get the unit to 0.00 perfect level.  However, in reality, being within 0.10 is perfectly accurate enough for these types of jobs.  Also, note that the advertised accuracy is 0.20 anyway.

While talking about accuracy, I checked the alignment of the lasers and found them to be pretty accurate and consistent as well on the example I purchased.

DIY laser level digital angle finder review


I have found this device to be well made and easy to use.  The included accessories are a thoughtful addition adding to the ease of use.  This Lomvum, Farway is relatively inexpensive but performs the tasks of measuring the level and angles well.  This is an ideal tool for the home handy man DIY use but also suitable for low level trade work.  I like the large clear LCD display with backlight and I like the functions you use such as HOLD and REF (reference).  The only negative I found was that the unit that I purchased did not hold calibration very well over multiple days, although saying that a quick self calibration taking less than a minute resolves this.

You can also check out the video review.


A question I had recently on the video review was if it was possible to change the battery.  The short answer is yes.  To access the battery you can remove the rear panel by removing the four rubber screw covers and removing the star-headed screws beneath.  The Li-ion cell is then visible and it plugs onto the mainboard.  See the images below.

    inclinometer lomvom fairway

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