Convert Grade and Slope between Ratios, Percentage and Degrees

Convert Grade and Slope.  Many laser levels with digital grade require the grade to be set as a percentage e.g. 1.667 %. Often on plans, a grade is displayed as a ratio, such as 1 in 60. Sometime you may need to convert between Ratios, Percentage and even degrees. This page has a handy grade conversion calculator. Simply enter in either the ratio, percentage or degree value in the appropriate input and hit “convert” and the results are displayed below it.

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Convert Ratio grade to Percentage and Degrees

Enter Ratio : 1 in

Grade as Percentage is :

Grade in Degrees is :

Convert Percentage grade to Slope Ratio and Degrees

Enter Percentage:

Grade as a Ratio : 1 in

Grade in Degrees is :

Convert Degrees to Percentage Grade and Slope Ratio

Enter Degrees:

Grade as a Percentage :

Grade as a ratio : 1 in

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