New Line Dot Laser Level from Dewalt DW0822L DW0825

May 24, 2017
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Dewalt Spot + Line Laser DW0822LR

Dewalt DW0825L & DW0822L range of Spot + Line laser

Sometimes when using a laser level for interior fit out applications a laser line is best and sometimes a dot or spot laser is the way to go.

The New Dewalt DW0822L & DW0825L range provides both laser lines and dots so giving you basically two lasers in one.  The Dewalt provides a bright horizontal and vertical line with large fan angle ideal for internal levelling, and vertical alignment such as installing windows or cabinetry.  The laser also produces 5 dots for plumb up and down for transcribing points from floor to ceiling ideal for downlight etc.  It also produces three level dots at 90 degrees to each other providing level and square great for kitchen installs and interior wall squaring.

The Dewalt DW0822L models come with “AA” battery compartment and the DW0825L models come with the 12V rechargeable Li-ion battery and charger.  Both models can be purchased in either red or green laser outputs.  This is denoted by either an “R” or “G” at the end of the model number.  The green model provides greater visibility indoors up to 150ft with the dot compared to the red beams 100ft range.

Each model comes with a magnetic bracket which can also be mounted onto a 5/8″ tripod.


  • Intergrated Magnet Bracket
  • 12V MAX* Compatibility (12V Max Li-ion Battery Only supplied with DW0825L models)
  • Raised Front Panel for Placement Over Jousts
  • IP65 Rated
  • 2M Drop Rating
  • +/- 1/8″ Accuracy
  • Cross Line (Horizontal + Vertical)
  • Up/Down/Front/Left/Right Spots
  • 1/4 20″ + 5/8 11″ Thread Mount
  • Pivoting Thread Mount
  • Full Time Pulse Mode for use with a Detector
  • 165 ft Range with Detector – Line
  • 100ft Range – Spot (R red beam models) and 150ft Range – Spot (G green beam models)
  • Locking Pendulum


  • Starter Pack
  • (4) AA Batteries (DW0822L models) 12V Max Li-ion Battery & Charger (DW0825L models)
  • Ceiling Bracket
  • Target Card
  • Enhancement Glasses
  • Magnet Enhancement Plate
  • TSTAK Case


For a highly versatile interior fit out laser you can’t go too wrong with one of these Dewalt models.  Im happy to see these models by Dewalt have a pendulum lock to prevent damage when in transit, many other models do not feature this which in my opinion is a negative.  Red or Green is the first thing to decide, green laser is definitely clearer at greater distance compared to the red but for most domestic work sites the red is fine.  The second choice is “AA” or 12V max.  If you are going to use the laser allot then you should seriously consider spending the extra on the 825 model with the Li-ion battery included.  However, if you already have a Dewalt 12V max product then you can buy the 822 standard option and plug on your existing li-ion pack.

There are other combination spots and line models on the market but the Dewalt is worth considering with flexible 12V max battery system and build quality.

This model is not available in all markets at present but below are some links to the Amazon US site.

[amazon_link asins=’B06XHJ3YV1,B06XHHD6JN,B06XH3FH3J’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’thelaslevrev-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’29dbd093-405c-11e7-9dd9-7d496cb37773′]

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