Hands on Review – LASGOO LG-3Ds Green Multiline 3D 360 laser level

August 26, 2023
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LASGOO LG-3DS laser level 3d 360 line laser review

Review of the LASGOO LG-3Ds Green Multiline 3D 360 laser level

lagoo green laser level 3d

The LASGOO LG-3DS is a self levelling green laser level with three lasers with 360 degree output.  This provides Horizontal level, Vertical Alignment, 90 Degree Square and Plumb Up and Down.  In other words if you place the LASGOO laser in the centre of a square room, you would get a laser cross line on each of the four walls plus a ceiling and floor cross.

The following is my honest review of this product based on my many years of working with laser levels of all styles and brands.  For full transparency, and disclosure this particular laser level was provided to me by LASGOO for the purpose of this review.  However, I stress that this is NOT a paid review.

I will also be producing a video review for this product in a week or so and will add that here when it is available.  Also note that at the end of this review there are some Amazon Links.  If you decide to purchase this laser by following one of the links then this site may receive a small commission which helps to cover the cost of this site.

What comes with the LASGOO LG-3s?

The LG-3Ds comes a semi hard shell carry bag with foam insert to protect the contents when not in use.  Included in this bag is the laser level itself, an elevating base with magnetic or tripod mounting, a Li-ion rechargeable battery, a USB charging cable, a remote control and an instruction book.

The first thing that strikes me about the included accessories is that the LG-3Ds only has a single rechargeable battery and there is no standard battery holder.  The battery is fairly well sized being a 7.4V and 2600mAh but it means that if you forgot to charge you have to wait to charge it before using it.  The laser can be charged by plugging the USB cabe directly into it and any USB “A” output.  You can, however, also charge the battery when inside the laser by plugging the same USB cable into the back of the laser.  This means you could use the laser when attached to a portable USB power bank as a last resort.  So for the battery situation I would not recommend this unit for heavy trade use, for low trade or home renovator this would not be a major issue.


The LASGOO LG-3Ds features as mentioned previously three laser outputs each producing 360 degree lines, 1 horizontal and 2 vertical.  These lines allow you to level, align, square and plumb from floor to ceiling making it great for just about any any indoor fit out or installation work.  The laser lines produced are green and proved a very clear and bright lines indoors.  Outdoors you will only be able to see the laser over very short distances all depending on hight bright the light is out side.  This is the same for all laser levels whether red or green in colour does not make much difference.  If you want to reliably use a laser level outdoors in full sun you need a laser that can use an electronic receiver.  To do this the laser needs to have pulse mode and the receiver to be compatible with the laser.  The LASGOO LG-3Ds does have pulse mode but at the time of writing this they do not seem have an optional receiver available.

The control panel allows you to switch on only the lines you want and the keypad itself  feels very durable and well sealed to the environment.  To operate the laser first you slide the pendulum locking switch on the side of the laser to the on position.  As you do this all the laser lines with power up, if you are holding it in your hand they, will most likely be, flashing showing that the laser level is outside of self levelling range.  Once the laser is placed onto a relatively flat surface the lasers will go solid which indicates that the laser is now self levelling.  you will also note that the power light will be “green” when level and flashing “orange” when out of levelling range.

lasgoo control panel

To individually control which lines are powered up use the “V” and “H” buttons to toggle trough.  The advantage of only having say the horizontal line on when just levelling is reducing power consumption and extending the duration of the battery.  When powered up with the pendulum lock slide switch the power button (top right) has two functions.  Short presses of the button toggles through 4 brightness levels, again using a lower brightness reducing battery consumption.  A long press of this button puts the laser in pulse mode which will allow it to be used with compatible green line laser receivers.  When in pulse mode the green LED power light flashes.  The control panel also features four power level LED’s giving a good idea of the power level left in the battery.

The LG-3Ds also features manual level mode, allowing you to project lines at any angle.  This mode is entered by NOT sliding the pendulum lock, so leaving it in the locked position and long pressing the power button on the control panel.  When in manual mode the power LED has a solid orange colour.  To set the desired angle a camera style tripod with pan and tilt can be handy, this mode is useful for balustrades or other angled installations.

Remote Control

lasgoo laser remote control

the LASGOO 3Ds comes with a small remote control unit which allows you to control which lines are powered up plus how bright those lines are.  The unit comes with a tether allowing it to be mounted onto a key ring or you can simply place it into a pocket.  The remote is handy if you have the laser positioned an a location that is hard to see and operate the control panel.

Mounting the LASGOO LG-3Ds

The lasgoo has two sizes of tripod mounts on both the laser itself and the elevating bracket.  This gives the laser the flexibility to be mounted on any survey thread tripod with a 5/8″ 11tpi thread or any 1/4″ camera tripod.  Each of the tripod thread has metal inserts into the casing providing some durability with regular use.

the LG-3Ds comes with an elevating mount which can also be used as a wall mount when attached to a wall with a screw, or a magnetic mount for steel surfaces.  The mount works pretty well but I did find the magnets were not particularly strong, so you would want a substantially thick steel surface for a secure fitting.  The mount also allow you to rotate the laser on it with two fine adjustment knobs, handy for alignment jobs.

Build Quality of the LASGOO LG-3Ds

Most of the laser casing is in-cased in a rubber coating which provides a certain amount of protection from light knocks or drops.  Each of the laser outputs have a safety frame over them which appears on first look to be metal.  However, on further examination proved to be plastic.  These covers protect the laser prism in the event of a drop onto hard surfaces.  Personally I would have preferred to have seen metal ones but the plastic seems to be fairly durable and the corner supports reasonably thick.  Saying that if the corner supports are too thick then you get fairly large shadowed breaks in the continuous 360 degree lines.  The Kaiweets HT360A I reviewed recently had metal covers but also very thick corner supports making it both very strong but also leaving pretty large shadow gaps in the laser lines.  Which you prefer is up to personal preference, you can see a full review of the Kaiweets HERE.

Under the Skin

Something fairly unique to this web site is the look under the skin and my views of the serviceability of the lasers I review.

Under the skin the LG-3Ds is pretty similar to most lasers of this style and price point.  This model does have more strength in the chassis compared to many with metal uprights rather than plastic uprights for the mounting of the pendulum assembly.  Other than this the construction is similar to other I have looked at in this price range.  In higher price points you tend to get stronger and bigger pendulum assemblies, bigger levelling bearings and a heavier pendulum, all which help with retaining accuracy of time after knocks and drops.

This model as with many does not have easy access to re-calibration points, however, it is far easier to re-calibrate than others with fine tuning grub screws to shift the weight on the pendulum on both axis.  the LASGOO is easier to calibrate compared to the Kaiweets 360A and the Huepar 603CG both previously reviewed.  The LASGOO is also far easier to calibrate compared to some of the expensive power tool branded lasers such as the Dewalt and Bosch which are notoriously hard/expensive to re-calibrate.

So over all the build of this unit is pretty good.


  • Laser – 510 – 530 nm green
  • Laser Class – class 2 <1mW
  • Accuracy – Not Stated
  • Range Visible – Up to 30m
  • Range with Receiver (not available at time of posting) – 80-100m
  • Battery Duration – Up to 10h (depending on number of lines and brightness selected)
  • Water Dust – IP54
  • Warranty – 3 Years

I searched through all the official information on this unit and could not find anywhere Accuracy specifications.  Accuracy is a strange specification to forget for this price point you would expect a rating of between 3mm in 10m to 4mm in 10m.  However, checking this particular example I found it to be very well calibration and working within 1mm at 10m on both axis which is very good indeed.

Visible range is stated as up to 30m, however this is very much based on how bright the ambient light is.  From my observations the internal range in a medium lit room was easily 10m and would probably stretch to 20m, although, the further out the wider the beam (at 10m beam was about 5mm).  I think 30m is a bit of a stretch in a lit room.  Note: always use the centre of the beam as your reference then it does not matter how wide it gets.

The stated range with the yet to be released electronic receiver appears to be somewhat hopeful.  Normally I would expect about 40m with this power output on a green laser.  Hopefully when a receiver is available they will let me review it and I’ll have a better idea then.

The warranty period of 3 years is pretty generous compared to other offerings at this price point.  However, it all depends on how well the company supports that.

Conclusions on the LASGOO LG-3Ds

Ive used a number of this 3D 360 style lasers as as with all they have their positives and negatives.


  • Well built with nicely designed internals
  • Ample rubberised casing for protection
  • Nicely sealed control panel
  • Quality Carry Case
  • Remote Control
  • USB power bank operation OPTIONAL
  • Easy to use controls
  • Possible to re-calibrate


  • Only one battery
  • No standard “AA” battery option
  • Plastic Laser output coverts

So over all, as long as you handle the single battery situation then this laser is a perfect option for both home renovations and low level trade.  For higher use trade I would search out a unit with more power options, possibly a class 3r/3a laser output (red or green), slightly stronger internal components and from a professional laser level specialist supplier.

If you are interested in purchasing the LASGOO LG-3Ds , you can click on one of the amazon links below.  If you do decide to buy from one of these links then the Laser Level Review may receive a small commission.  This helps with the costs of running this site.


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