Bosch release yet another cross line laser but with a twist

July 17, 2016
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Bosch PLL 2

Bosch PLL 2 Cross Line Laser

At first site the Bosch PLL 2 looks like just another basic cross line laser.  But, on closer inspection, it has a rather unique extra feature a built in inclinometer.

First of all what is an inclinometer?  Well its a digital spirit level, as the body of the laser level is twisted left to right the angle of that twist is displayed on a digital LCD display.

Features of the Bosch PLL 2

Laser Lines

This Bosch line laser as with many on the market produces two lines one horizontally and one vertically.  These lines can be turned on and off independently as required.  The PLL 2 is self levelling within 4 degrees using a pendulum mechanism in about 5 seconds.  These lines can be seen up to 10m depending on the internal lighting conditions.  As with most line lasers don’t expect to see it at any great distance outside during the day unless its very dull or dark.  The self levelling mechanism means that the horizontal and vertical lines remain level and vertical at all times within the self levelling range. If the body of the laser is outside of self levelling range the lasers will flash to warn you.

Manual Mode and Inclinometer

As with many, but not all, basic line lasers the laser can be used in manual mode.  In other words the lines can be projected without the laser self levelling.  This can be handy for applications such as stair handrails etc.  But, with the inclinometer function, you can set these lines at a specific angle which is then displayed on the laser level.  This can be handy for a number of internal applications such as raked suspended false ceilings or intricate wall patterns etc.

Bosch PLL 2

The inclinometer can be used as a digital level without the laser lines to an accuracy of 0.2 degrees for levelling surfaces such as tables.

Other Features

The Bosch PLL 2 has a 1/4″ tripod thread in its base enabling to be mounted onto a camera style tripod and the PLL 2 can be purchased with or without tripod.  The tripod makes positioning the laser at a specific angle much easier.

The power slide switch is also a pendulum lock meaning that the laser first of all can be used at an angle.  It also protects the levelling mechanism when the laser is not be used or being transported.


Working range, approx. 10 m
Laser diode 640 nm
Laser class 2
Self-levelling time, typ. 5 s
Levelling range <= 4 °
Accuracy ± 0,5 mm/m
Tripod thread 1/4″
Weight 0,4 kg
Battery 3 x 1.5 V LR03 (AAA)


The Bosch PLL 2 is an interesting cross line laser.  If you need just a simple cross line laser the there are plenty on the market cheaper than this.  But, the digital inclinometer feature is something quite unique and for some will make this model a must have.

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