Calibration – Fukuda 205, Tuf H1, Linestorm RL-205, Lasertec H1R, Lamigo Spin 205, Geotop GL5 and more

April 28, 2018
Calibration Guide
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Fukuda FRE 205

Calibration Guide for the Fukuda FRE 205

The following is a calibration guide for the Fukuda FRE205 laser level.  This Fukuda FRE 205 is manufactured in China by Fukuda and is sold branded or un branded by many.  Regularly found for sale cheaply on ebay, AliExpress or Amazon.  This laser is a basic electronic levelling rotating laser and is sold with receiver and generally remote control.  In order to calibrate you will need to have the remote control.

The laser itself is not the highest of quality as you would expect from a very cheap laser but it does the job.  However, I would not recommend it if its going to be a primary tool for your trade.  Ideal for owner builder or casual user.

You may find this laser branded as;

Linestorm RL-205, Fukuda FRE 205, Tuf H1, Lasertec H1R, Lamigo Spin 205 or Geotop GL5 or as an eBay no brand in yellow, green, red, orange casings.  If it looks the same as the example below then its probably the Fukuda FRE205 or FRE 205A.

Which ever one you have the method of calibration is the same.

Fukuda FRE205 Lasertec linestorm geotec tuf eBay

As always we shall assume that you know to what heights you need to calibrate each axis to.  If you do not know then do not go any further.

Calibration guide

Calibration guide Fukuda FRE205.  To enter into calibration mode, first power up the laser laser level using the power button on the control panel of the laser itself.

Once Levelled and rotating you are ready to put the laser into calibration mode. On the remote control press and hold the X/Y button for a number of seconds until the LED light above the X axis flashes.

  Calibration Guide Fukuda FRE205 keypad

To switch to the Y axis press the X/Y button on the remote once more (shot press) each press toggles between the two axis.

To shift the height of the laser to the desired height for the axis selected press the up or down arrows on the remote control.

Once both axis have been set to the correct height you can save the calibration heights.  This is done by pressing and holding the X/Y button for number of seconds once again.  The X and Y LED lights will not be lit and the laser is back into normal mode.

Power off and on again and check your levels are where you need them, if so then calibration is complete.

As always the Laser Level Review does not take any responsibility for your actions whilst using our guide, if you are at all unsure do not attempt to re-calibrate your laser and send it to a laser level service centre.

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