Calibration – Fukuda FRE207, FRE208 & others

June 2, 2020
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Fukuda FRE207 FRE208

Calibration Fukuda FRE207 FRE208

UPDATE includes models with no LCD Display Remote. For example CPI700 and CPI700G models

Calibration Fukuda FRE207, a guide.   The Fukuda FRE207 and FRE208 rotating laser level models feature digital grade/slope setting and can be used for general site levelling as well as plumbing and earthmoving applications.  As with other Fukuda models, these are some of the least expensive laser levels in their class.  Again as with other Fukuda models, you will find this laser sold under a large number of brands and also on sales sites such as eBay unbranded.

Other brands and models that can be calibrated using the following instructions include;  Tuf DGR Dual Grade Laser, PLS HDR1000, Powerline A6, Swiss Level L690-2S, Imex 99DG, Black Max Dual Grade, BeeLine Kube4 (slightly different key layout), Able F207, Triton TL208 and many more.

The keypad will differ from model to model but the basic layout will be the same, the remotes always look pretty much the same across all brands if supplied.

Calibration Methods

There have been two methods over the age of these models to enter into calibration mode.

Method 1 involves Pressing and holding the “Power” button for a number of seconds.  The calibration screen appears with numbers for the X and Y axis settings.

Method 2 involves powering up the laser as normal then pressing and holding the “G” or “grade” button again until the calibration screen appears.

Fukuda FRE208 Keypad

Once into calibration mode the rest of the procedure is the same for both older and newer models.

When first into calibration mode the “X” axis will flash and the laser is ready to adjust this axis.  To toggle between the “X” or “Y” axis press the X/Y button, the corresponding axis flash on the screen.  Both the keypad or remote can be used to select axis.  Note the direction of the axis is usually marked on the casing of the laser itself.

To alter the height of the beam on the selected axis press either the up or down arrows (sometimes buttons are marked as “+” and “-“).  This can be done on either the keypad or the remote control.

Fukuda FRE207 FRE208 remote

To save the new value for each axis press (short press) the Grade/Slope (G) button either on the remote or laser keypad.  More recent models I’ve found a long press on the Grade/Slope (G) button on the laser keypad is required to save values.

As always check again and reset if required then repeat the operation for the second axis.

This method should be good for all the above models and more.

CPI700 models

CPI700G digital grade laser manufactured by Fukuda China Calibration

These models and some by other suppliers are effectively the same as the other in this post.  Apart from a different casing the remote supplied does not have an LCD display and so the calibration procedure is a little different.

Remote control for CPI rotating laser by Fukuda

Entering into calibration mode is the same as method two above.  Power up as normal then press and hold the “Grade” button (top left on the control panel of laser).  The LCD display on the laser will indicate you are in calibration mode showing value for the “X” and “Y” Axis.

Calibration CPI CPI700G

Use the “X” and “Y” buttons on the remote to select the axis to change and use the up and down arrow keys to increase or decrease the value.  To save these values just a short press on the “Grade” button will do.

As always the Laser Level Review does not take any responsibility for your actions whilst using our guide.  If you are at all unsure do not attempt to re-calibrate your laser and send it to a laser level service centre.

Had experience of these models and have anything to add please comment below.

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