Calibration Guide – David White 3110-GR Rotating laser

November 27, 2019
Calibration Guide
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David White 3110-GR Calibration Instructions and Guide

Calibration Guide for the David White 3110-GR Rotating laser

Calibration guide for the David White 3110-GR Rotating laser level with electronic self-levelling.

Although I have stated that these instructions are for the 3110-GR I believe they will also work with other models in the 3100 David White range and possibly some CST Berger models as well.

First thing I’m going to assume that you know the correct height the laser should be at for each axis.  Either with a calibration station or by using the 180-degree rotation test.  I would not recommend calibrating one laser to another laser, as this first laser may itself not be calibrated.

David White 3110-GR

The David White laser level has an X and Y axis which is printed on the top of the housing.  Make sure that you are calibrating the correct axis each time.

David White Laser Axis Alignment 3110

David White Control Panel Laser Level Rotating

To enter into calibration mode press and hold the “level on/off” button, and then short press the “Power” button on the top of the keypad.  Release the “power” button and then release the “Level on/off” button.  The two led lights will flash alternately and then the LED light on the right (level on/off indicator) will remain illuminated.  This indicates that the laser has successfully entered calibration mode and the “X” axis is ready to be altered.

Pressing the “Up” and “Down” arrow buttons will alter the height of the laser on the X-axis.  With this model, calibration is automatically saved when you power off.

For calibrating the “Y-axis” enter into calibration mode once again in the same way described above.  Again the right LED will be lit indicating X-axis is ready.  To switch to the “Y-axis” press the “level on/off button”, each press of this button toggles between the two axes.  Note the left LED will light when Y-axis is selected.

Again change the height of the laser for the “Y-axis” using the up and down arrow buttons.  Power off to save new heights.

Double-check your new calibrated laser heights for the two-axis to make sure they are correct.

What if you cannot get the laser to the correct height?

If you find that the laser does not move far enough up or down when pressing the buttons then your David White 3110-GR is out of calibration range. At this point, it’s best to send your laser into a service centre experienced in fixing this problem.  You may find that the cost of this repair may be more than its worth for a laser level of this age.

As always the instructions on this site are a guide only and should only be followed by someone confident that they know what they are doing.  The Laser Level Review takes no responsibility for any work that you carry out on your or other peoples equipment.

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