Calibration Guide – Futtura LT-810 LT850 Digital Grade Laser Level

September 15, 2021
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Futtura LT-810 LT-850 Calibration Guide

Calibration Guide Futtura LT-810 LT850 Rotating Grade Laser Level

The following is a calibration procedure guide for the Futtura LT-810 and LT850 rotating digital grade laser level.

The Futtura LT-810 was a laser that was produced after the LT-710.  The LT-710 was essentially the same as the Stanley models at the time, a guide for calibrating that model can be found HERE.  This LT-710 and corresponding Stanley models were very poorly designed, with flimsy plastic internal components, and were prone to significant damage after a drop.  The LT-810, however, is completely different.  The 810 and subsequent 850 models by Futtura use the same levelling mechanism and casing as the legendary (although pretty old) Topcon RL-H3C.

The internal construction is the polar opposite to the LT-710 with masses of steel chassis and levelling components, quality rotation and levelling motors.  The mechanism is pretty much bomb-proof, far better in my opinion than more current Topcon offerings which have gone down the plastic levelling mechanism path, unfortunately.  Interestingly the Futtura LT-810 has retained very similar electronics and features to the LT-710.  Consequently, the operation and calibration of the LT810 are pretty much the same as the very differently built LT-710.

Futtura Laser LT-810 LT-850 calibration procedure Futtura Laser Level Axis

The lasers axis are marked on the top housing, this, you will need to know when calibrating.  Note we shall assume that you know to what heights you need to calibrate each access axis to.  If you do not know then do not go any further.

Calibration Procedure Futtura LT-810

To enter calibration mode press and hold both the “Level/Slope” Button and “Power” button at the same time.  Sometimes better to press and hold the “Level/Slope” Button and short press the “Power” then let go.   The display will then indicate it is in calibration mode.  The Display will show “CO1” which shows that the “X” axis is ready to calibrate.  To switch to the “Y” axis press the “level/Slope” button and the display will change to “CO2”.

Futtura Laser Level Calibration Mode

To adjust the calibration for the selected axis press the up or down arrow keys as required.  When adjusting the height of each axis you will note the display changing the numerical value on the display screen.  personally, I prefer to calibrate one axis then save, before moving onto the second axis.  To save the new calibration height, simply press the power button.  The laser powers down whilst saving the new calibration height.  Test both axis again and repeat if more adjustment is required.

As always the Laser Level Review does not take any responsibility for your actions whilst using our guide.  If you are at all unsure do not attempt to re-calibrate  and send it to a laser level service centre.

As with the LT-710 the LT810 can sometimes show a general error code ER.P and similar to the LR-710 this can refer to the rotation motor.  In an example of an LT-810 I worked on this was caused by an overly tight meshing between the cog on the rotation motor and the rotating head itself.  This was due to a drop.  So if you have rotation issues or an ERP error message on this model it’s worth checking for this

Had experience of these models and have anything to add please comment below.

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