Looking for help Calibrating the Hilti PRE3

March 11, 2017
Calibration Guide
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calibrating the Hilti PRE3

Calibrating the Hilti PRE3

I’ve had a number of requests for the procedure for calibrating the Hilti PRE3.

As you may know, Hilti is extremely secretive about calibration procedures for their laser levels.  Unfortunately, I do not know the procedure myself so I’m opening up a request from my visitors and subscribers.  If anyone knows the procedure for this model please share in comments at the bottom of this page or email via “Contact Us”.

I have a definitive answer to this question thank you Neeraj

“It has a special calibrating instrument the size of its battery and fits in the same battery compartment, it’s connected to Hilti software via cable and calibrated by Hilti software on computer and a calibration certificate is generated, mystery solved !”

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