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December 16, 2015
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Dewalt 360

Dewalt are not the first to use power tool style battery power in their lasers but they are one of the first to use them in line lasers.  The Dewalt 12V range includes a simple cross line laser which is available in both Red Beam DW088LR 12V and Green Beam DW088LG 12V.  also available is a multi 360 degree laser again both in Red DW089LR and Green DW089LG.

Dealt claim the red beams are visible to 50′ (15m) and Green 100′ (30m) this of course will heavily dependant on the brightness of the ambient light and don’t even think about seeing outside over more than a few feet/meters.

The green versions cost allot more than the red so you will need to work out if the extra range is worth the money.

Just to dispel one myth, being a 12V battery does not mean its any brighter than any other laser on the market of the same laser class using a smaller battery, but, it does mean the battery will probably last much longer between re-charges.

I haven’t had a chance to play with one of these yet but one thing I will be checking is the strength of the magnets on the bracket as the laser will no doubt weigh substantially more that the DW088K model using standard batteries.

Please comment if you have used any of these 12V laser models by Dewalt.

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