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August 4, 2016
Calibration Guide
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Leica Rugby 100LR

The Leica Rugby 100LR was produced for quite number of years and is widely found all round the world.  Again with this guide we small assume you know how to check calibration and know where to adjust calibration to.  Here I shall be concentrating on the procedure to get the laser level into calibration mode and how to make adjustments on both axis.

As with all lasers working in the horizontal plain there are two axis, traditionally X and Y (Leica like to use 1 and 2 but I’m going to stick with X & Y).  The Y axis runs along the direction of the handle on the Leica 100LR and the X axis is at 90 degrees to it.

Leica Rugby 100LR Calibration Axis

To enter calibration mode first you need to power up the Rugby 100LR by pressing the power button.  Next you press and hold both the direction up and down arrow buttons.  Whilst still holding these two buttons press and let go of the power button.  The let go of the two direction arrow buttons.  If you have got it right you should be in calibration mode.

  1. Power up (press and release power button)
  2. Press and hold both arrow buttons
  3. Press and release power button whilst still holding arrow buttons
  4. Then release both arrow buttons

To confirm that the laser is in calibration mode both the low battery light and out of level light will flash.  The low battery light will be flashing faster than the other.

Leica Rugby 100LR Keypad

The Leica Rugby 100LR is ready to calibrate the X axis.  To adjust the height of the beam for this axis use the up and down arrow buttons to get the beam into the correct position.  These changes will automatically be saved when you power down the laser by pressing the power button.

I personally prefer to calibrate each axis separately so to calibrate the second Y axis enter into calibration mode again in the same way as indicated above.  Now once you are in calibration mode you need to select the second Y axis. (as the X axis has already been done).  To do this press the levelling button located between the up and down arrow buttons.  You will notice that the out of level light and low battery light continue to flash.  But this time it is the out of level one will flash faster than the low battery one.

Now use the up and down arrows to set the correct height for the Y axis.  Then press the power button to save this into memory and power down the laser level.

Thats it you should be done, go back and check both axis again and make further adjustments if needed.

As always the Laser Level Review does not take any responsibility for your actions whilst using our guide, if you are at all unsure do not attempt to re-calibrate your laser and send it to a laser level service centre.

Had experience of these models and have anything to add please comment below.

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