Calibration Guide – Leica Rugby 610 – with Secret Hidden Buttons

October 17, 2021
Leica Rugby
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Calibration Guide Leica Rugby 610 rotating laser level

Calibration Guide for the Leica Rugby 610 Rotating Laser Level

The following is a calibration guide for the Leica Rugby 610 Rotating Laser.  Included will be the procedure to enter calibration mode, make adjustments to both X and Y axis, save settings, and exit mode.

The Leica Rugby 610 is a basic electronic self-levelling rotating laser.  The 610 is designed for basic site leveling, so once you have placed it on a tripod you simply press the red power button and it levels and starts to rotate.  The Leica Rugby laser are nicely manufactured with good quality components albeit with a slightly cheap-feeling plastic casing.

Leica Rugby 610 Laser Level Review calibration guide

When you first see this laser level model you initially see just the one, power, button.  As a calibration technician your heart sinks, a single button often means you are going to need either a remote control unit or other specialist equipment to calibrate.  However, with the Leica Rugby 610 this is not the case as there are three super-secret hidden buttons on the control panel.  Well actually not that secret really as they tell you about them in the instruction manual.  So there are three extra buttons on the control panel it’s just not been marked on the sticker membrane.  You will need to feel around for them in the location indicated in the image below.

Leica Rugby 610 control panel and secret hidden buttons

Why Leica did not mark these I do not know.  I guess it is to make the laser appear as simple to use as possible or maybe to discourage users mashing keys and accidentally changing calibration.  I don’t know.

So you have checked the calibration of your 610 and have found that it needs recalibration.  The first thing to know is which axis needs adjustment.  The image below indicates the direction of the X and Y axis.

Leica Rugby 610 calibration axis image

Calibration Method Leica Rugby 610

To enter calibration mode the laser will need to be in a powered-off state.  Press the Left and Right Hidden buttons (you don’t feel a click or much of a depression but trust me they are being activated) and then whilst still holding down these two buttons press the power button.  Then let go of all three buttons.  It’s somewhat fiddly so you may need a few attempts.  Various LED lights will flash and eventually, the laser levels and rotates.  The Leica Rugby 610 is now in calibration mode and the X axis is ready to be adjusted.

To adjust the height of the laser on the X axis press either the hidden Left or Right Buttons to adjust the laser to the correct height. To change the adjustment to the Y axis press the Middle hidden button.  You can change axis at any time by pressing this Middle button, you will note the LED lights will change to indicate this.  Level LED for X axis and H.I LED for Y axis.

The Y axis is adjusted again with the Left and Right hidden buttons the same as with the X axis.

Once you have set both axis to be at the correct heights you need to save this new calibration into the memory of the Rugby 610.  This is done by pressing and holding the Middle hidden button for 3 seconds.  The LED’s will flash and the laser power down, the new calibration should have been saved.  Power up and re-check calibration for both axis.  If more adjustment is required repeat the calibration procedure.

NOTE:  when you are in calibration mode if you need to exit without saving you can simply press the power button.

Conclusions Calibrating the 610

The Leica Rugby 610 turned out to be a pleasure to calibrate.  The adjustment is quick and precise and the procedure is easy to complete once you know where the hidden buttons are located.

As always the Laser Level Review does not take any responsibility for your actions whilst using our guide.  If you are at all unsure do not attempt to re-calibrate and send it to a laser level service center.

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