Bosch GSL 2 – Surface Laser

January 16, 2016
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Bosch GSL-2

Bosch GSL 2 Surface

The Bosch GSL 2 surface laser tool checks the levelness of a floor allowing the user to mark any highs or lows and fixing the problem.  The Bosch GSL 2 is designed for both a Concreter, Tilers and specialist installation applications to enable them make highly accurate level floors quickly.

It works by projecting two laser line onto the floor in a “V” formation with the bottom of the “V” being one single line along the floor if two lines start to appear then the floor is not exactly level and the wider the two lines are apart the bigger the dip or crest on the floor.  The base is motorised to sweep around the room making a very quick tool for checking the whole floor. (no motorised version is available at a lower cost)

The the Bosch GSL2 is not a tool for everyone but for those specific application if can save considerable time and money.

Anyone with personal experience or have an observation please add a comment below.

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