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February 1, 2016
Geo Fennel
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Geo Fennel Johnson Redback

The multiline outdoor laser level model I’m looking out here is sold in different geographical locations under different brands but is essentially the same laser level.  In Europe its the Geo Fennel FL55 Plus HP, America as the Johnson Level 40-6662 and Australia as the RedBack CX440.

This laser level has been around a few years now but is still one of the most well featured lasers of its type.  The FL55 etc is an auto levelling multi line laser with dual horizontal beams that produce an un broken line fanning out over 250 degrees, it also features 3 vertical lines which also cross on the ceiling for plumb up and a dot down laser for plumb down.  The vertical lines are at 90 degrees to each other ideal for site layout and squaring needs.  The Geo Fennel and RedBack version come with an electronic laser line receiver making the device an ideal tool outdoors as well as for interior fit out, the Johnson Level version has this same receiver as an optional extra.  The receiver is superior to most on the market in that it has an LCD progressive display indicating as you get closer to level as well as the more traditional 3 LED lights. The laser is powered by either its Ni-mh rechargeable battery pack, Standard “AA” Alkaline or through its power adapter/charger which makes it extremely versatile.

FL55 CX440 40-6662

Indoors it is ideal for all types of fit out applications, electrical, carpentry, kitchens etc and with the electronic receiver ideal outdoors for general site levelling on smaller blocks of land and site layout and squaring.  The build quality is one of the best I’ve come across on this type of laser level with substantial internal chassis and strong, rubberised outer casing. Core Specs.

  • Accuracy – between 2mm in 10m and 3mm in 10m depending on brand
  • Range – Visible up to 20m, with receiver up to 60m
  • Laser Type – Johnson Class 3a/3r, Geo Fennel and RedBack class 2
  • Warranty – between 2 and 3 years depending on brand

In conclusion this model is not the cheapest on the market with these types of features but it is certainly one of the best built and its ability to work with different power sources and its superior receiver (optional Johnson Level) makes it a great buy for the serious builder or trades person.

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